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Premiere: Watch DizTroy + Mystic Davis’ “Mystic Strings” Video

On “Mystic Strings,” Port Antonio, Jamaica-based producers DizTroy pair with vocalist and dancer Mystic Davis for a preview of their upcoming collaborative EP. Shot in and around scenic “Portie,” the video brings the track — a bubbly fusion of dancehall, trap and upful guitar melodies — to life with scenes of pastel-colored rum shops, local […]



Restoration of classic San San villas and classic luxury cars aside, Jon Baker and Steve Beaver want to focus on actively representing the Geejam brand — once more — in music and entertainment. “The on-property recording studio,” explains Baker, “has just undergone a comprehensive upgrade, putting Geejam Studios on par with the top facilities in […]

Jazz Standard

Reinterpreting classic Jazz standards, this young, old school band comes with a deep appreciation for the roots and history of the music. Led by pianist Paul McFarlane and music director Dale Virgo, and featuring vocalist Nailah Asabi Henry, the band includes trumpet and saxophone alumns from the famed Alpha Boys School that has produced musical […]