The Geejam Collection has you covered for the holidays.

And as a special way to spread the love this season, we asked some of our Geejam family and friends to share their favourite places to visit in our favourite place – Port Antonio, Jamaica. They also shared where they like to spend the holidays, and what best describes the holiday spirit.

Liz Brown, photographer and contributing editor at Brides Magazine, is a Port Antonio bonafide, having captured the area’s iconic beauty and culture through her lens. In her words, “As a photographer, I explore culture and document life, energy, and style as iconography. My work focuses on identity and attitudes in portraiture, music, fashion, nightlife, and landscapes.” We asked Liz to share some of her best recommendations for enjoying time well spent in Port Antonio, and of course her favourite holiday soundtrack to fully embrace the spirit of the season.

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Port Antonio?

For beaches, I’d say Frenchman’s Cove is super romantic, peaceful, and naturally gorgeous. Reach Falls is great for a little adventure trip – the guided tour with the secret underwater caves is totally worth it, and surfing at Boston Bay is a classic.

What’s on your holiday playlist?

#1 holiday playlist, Sharon Jones, It’s a Holiday Soul Party.

Where do you like to spend the holidays?

The holidays are wherever it’s warm, inside or out, and with people you LOVE.

You can check out some of Liz’s amazing work here.


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